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Speaking questions for IELTS

The Speaking module tests the student’s ability to speak in English. It is structured in a way that it assesses if a student can sustain a conversation in English or not and if the student can speak uninterruptedly for 2 minutes. In the first leg of the exam, student is asked some personal questions. These could…

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British Counsel, India’s No 1 IELTS institute is now open in Patiala

British Counsel was established in year 2003. It is one of the oldest IELTS institutes in India. British Counsel, Patiala has the best infrastructure in education industry. British counsel delivers the best IELTS results in India. British Counsel, Patiala has the team of best trainers in the industry. All the trainers at British Counsel, Patiala have been…

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IELTS listening practice – Exam Pattern

IELTS exam has four modules, and one of the modules is Listening. The module is common for both, academics and general training exam. In this module, students get a question paper containing 40 questions which have to be attempted while listening to a tape. The tape plays for 30 minutes. Later 10 minutes are given to…

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Can a high score in IELTS help you get a scholarship ?

Most of the educational institutes abroad lay a requisite of a specific band score in IELTS before admitting overseas students in under graduate and post graduate courses. This ranges from 5.5 each module and 6.0 overall to 6.0 bands each and 6.5 overall bands. A student getting bands more than that can be termed as a…

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Is it good to use IELTS materials from online blogs?

IELTS exam assess the proficiency of a student in English language on the basis of four modules. These modules do not come with a fixed syllabus, thus getting hold of the authentic material to prepare for the exam can be a bit difficult. Apart from the Cambridge books and Cambridge certified material, various blogs also provide…

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Is IELTS 7.0 Band Score good for study visa

One of the requisites of getting a study visa is IELTS exam score. To apply for a study visa, students need to show an offer letter along with a few other documents to the embassy.  In order to procure that offer letter, students have to meet the criteria set by the college or university. For undergraduate…

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IELTS Preparation practice Questions

IELTS exam comprises of four modules which entail a variety of question sets. The Reading and Listening modules have somewhat similar type of questions, but for the Writing and Speaking modules, the question are different. In the Reading module, the students appearing for the academic exam get three passages out of which 40 questions are drafted….

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